Ludwig‘s Mountain Lodges - a house with tradition tells its story

Surrounded by alpine beauty and mighty mountain formations, in the cozy village of Dalaas, at the foot of the Arlberg, there is an almost 60-year-old house, which was named after my grandfather: Ludwig's Mountain Lodges. The enthusiasm of taking over the house lies in keeping the tradition of my grandparents "renting out to guests from all over the world for over 50 years" alive.

My grandparents Ludwig and Emma sought and found each other, overcame some difficult hurdles and realized the dream of their own home together. It was a love story, with a wonderful interaction of manual dexterity and the eye for the detail of my grandfather and the passion, the feeling for the plants of my grandmother, to let everything flourish and bloom in its most beautiful form. This is unique!

We tell the story a little new... from June 2021 we will open our two Lodges Lech and Zürs for you!

In our LUDWIG‘S MOUNTAIN LODGES you will enjoy yourself, because you can be yourself, experience peace, feel the wind and watch it make the trees dance. At the same time, you can be active in the middle of alpine uniqueness of nature at the foot of the Arlberg!

Look forward to a beautiful vacation in our Luxury Apartments in Dalaas at the Arlberg.

APARTMENT SUITES - Ludwig`s Mountain Lodges

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